Holy Fire.

A holy fire resides deep within my bones.

It burns from the depths of my soul.

An eternal flame from ancient days

that transforms this lover’s heart into a warrior’s spirit.

I am a member of an elite tribe;

Fighters for the faith and proclaimers of truth.

Battle-armed and ready for war,

we march across the land declaring life.

Not a battle against the armies of this world,

but against the spiritual principalities that drive them.

We are not afraid and we will not be shaken.

We march to the beat of a holy war drum

and the blast of trumpet call.

The Most High King leads us,

The Prince instructs us on how to fight,

and the Holy Spirit gives us the power to do so.

The victory for eternity already won,

we fight for the souls yet to be saved;

the war prisoners in the enemy’s camp.

We’ve come to free the captives.

We’ve come in darkness with holy fire.