Puppet Master

God, You’re so holy, Jesus, You’re so worthy.

I’ll shout your name from the rooftops,

I’ll declare your name from high steeples!

Just don’t look at my personal life.

No, really, it’s nothing bad…

It’s just that sometimes I’m not always sincere.

And sometimes I’m just putting up a front.

Happy, painted, plastic Christian faces.

We are all puppets personified

Who take the control form the Master’s hand.

We direct our own show, we choose the lines.

We step up on our pedestal

Because we all have correct opinions about life, and pain, and happiness.

We point to the Master, we’ll even praise His name!

But praise from a prideful heart is a mockery.

We degrade our Master by treating Him like a dog.

“Who’s a good master? You are!

Who’s a good master? You are…”

And we expect Him to be okay with that?

Our lips declare His name but out hearts…

Well, we’ll just hold on to that now won’t we?

The Master carved us, shaped us, gave us life, He even gave us a will to choose.

And we choose to hold back.

To keep our hearts where they can be safe,

Because we are so good at knowing what’s best for us.

But only Master knows how the story unfolds.

And as for me, I’d rather let Him be the force that makes me move.

I’ll let him be the voice in my throat.

His life keeps me alive.

Humbly, I’ll let Him move me.

All the while I’ll praise His holy Name.

Master! Take back control!

If you will, Jesus just use me in Your divine story.

I’ll declare your name from high steeples.

I’ll shout your name from rooftops.

God you’re so holy, Jesus you’re so worthy.

Master, take control.