Keep Drumming

It’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world! The signs show it, the earth groans, groans, GROANS! But creation continues to turn. And we say that we wait with eager anticipation but we struggle to see His plan, to hear the voice of the Most Holy.

So we keep living out our days, complacent enough to be comfortable but to appear to be walking in His ways. All the while hoping that life will pass us by quickly so we don’t feel guilty, too busy to do Kingdom work.

Because when people don’t get healed at our hands we get disillusioned, like, why would You tell me that signs and wonders will follow me, but You didn’t stick to the plan. And we scoff at the Organizer orchestrating all thing omnisciently but we fail to realize Redeemer’s reasons regarding reigning and ruling. Miracles are Master’s marvels to make. But how do we expect Him to walk into the room if we’re too concerned with the room’s fate?

His miracles happen daily, barely we seem to notice, the breath in my lungs keeps coming, my faithless heart keeps drumming, pumping, banging, thumping. This heart keeps drumming. And my faith might amount to a mustard seed. If only Your Spirit’s fire could set the embers of my heart ablaze, but I keep sabotaging the flames.

Less than half of my faith remains.

But I still believe You’re going to restore this worn out heart of mine. And until that time, I’ll prepare myself to be your bride. I might not be perfect, but I’ll sure as heck try. And maybe then I’ll finally hear Your words again. The Lord’s language lovingly lavishing my soul.

Just please keep this drum-heart beating.


Author: secondclasspoet

I believe in a love that loves the unloving. I believe in grace, and forgiveness. I believe in second chances; and third, and fourth. I believe in healing. I believe there is no such thing as being too far gone. I believe you can always come back. I believe in One greater than myself. I believe He has a perfect plan in mind. I believe that even though I don't have all the answers, and that I don't know all the plans, that everything works out for the good. I believe in God. I believe in love. I believe in hope. And I believe in you. And I'm always willing to talk. And I'm always willing to listen. And I will always do so in love.

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